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Psicom web design

We build web sites that help businesses reach and serve their customers online.

We build sites to look good, to be flexible and easy to use on all kinds of devices.

What we do

We build web sites that your customers will love to use


Value comes from usefulness. From day one, we make sure that your site will be useful for your clients, a place they want to come to.


Ease of use is key. We ensure your site will be clean, simple and clear. Not to mention fast and smooth.


Your business reflects your style, your choices, skills and values. We work to design a site that matches and promotes your unique business.

Why choose us?

This is where we stand out

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We cover all areas of web design and digital business development: strategy, design, build, marketing, SEO, even maintenance. We have the knowledge, tools and techniques to build the right solution for the right price.

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We stay in touch with our customers, and with the digital landscape. In an increasingly complex world, your online presence is more important than ever. We can help you build and strengthen your online property.

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You're in safe hands with us. We've built all kinds of advanced solutions for a very wide range of clients and industries. We know first-hand how business works, and how you can weave your business activities into your site.


Some very kind words from our valued customers

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GCG Turbochargers

Russell was recommended to me years ago by another web business who was helping us with some minor content management issues we were having; let me just say, he’s been the best investment our company has ever made.

Our goal was simple, to have the most comprehensive online store in our industry; now thanks to Russell’s knowledge of all things web related, we are number one by a long shot. Our online store is now more user friendly, has an improved professional layout, has fully functional custom forms, has more features than our old site ever had, has drastically improved SEO and backend/frontend security, and most importantly, has Russell’s friendly and in-depth support at times where we need assistance.

What can I say? I can’t imagine being where we are now without Russell’s help, support, and dedication to the project at hand. It has been a pleasure working with Russell over the last few years, and I hope to continue to do so when other projects arise.

Thanks again for the excellent job you do (and continue doing)!

Michael Ramsay
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Stencil Place

Russell Searle came very highly recommended to us as the Joomla and Virtuemart 'Guru'. He has definitely proven to be this and more.

Our old site worked, but was a bit average and very outdated. Russell has built us a vibrant, easy to use and up-to-date website, with everything we could want and more. His help and guidance in the development of our site has been invaluable.

It is with distinct pleasure and confidence, that we recommend Russell Searle and Psicom to anyone wishing to build and maintain a new website, or 'spruce up' an old one. Thanks for all your good advice and hard work Russell!!

Tim Love
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Talking Room

Russell has been a tremendous asset to my practice as a psychologist by building and maintaining my website. Russell’s dedication and expert knowledge of web processes has helped to raise my profile on the net and significantly improve my business. He has also helped me with associated branding such as the design of my business cards. I would not hesitate to recommend Russell for web development and solutions.

Muriel Cooper, Psychologist
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It is unfortunate that I could only choose three attributes to best describe Russell and the way he does business, we would be checking all 7 boxes and adding some if we could. Both Pepita and I have never met such a professional person to deal with in all our time being self employed. Here is a little about what Russell has achieved for us in the past 18 months or so.

We came to Russell wanting a simple redesign and smoother functioning website with a fresh look. It was quite old and many of the components were obsolete. It wasn’t an easy brief to fulfil. Immediately Russell spent many hours researching various options for us and informing us of the pros and cons of each step. If ever we needed something not ‘out of the box’, Russell used his coding expertise to adapt and conform to our requirements. To us this was not easy, however he didn’t complain, didn’t say it was too hard, he just made things work.

At times we would change our minds on certain things, Russell would once again point us in the right direction and make it happen. His attention to detail and documentation of all work was meticulous and we knew what had been accomplished on that day and the time frame it had taken. To be honest, I could go all day describing how impressed we have been dealing with Russell. He continues to helps us with any issues that have arisen (not to do with his work) and is more than happy to assist where he can. Russell, you are to be truly applauded as a great business person, an outstanding web developer and most important a great person.

David and Pepita Bowgen
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Abey Australia

Russell was instrumental in taking our dream and making it a reality, his knowledge and insistence on detail enabled us to develop and implement our Intranet site to a level of functionally that now exceeds our expectation. His creative skills and professional understanding made this project a very enjoyable and professional delivery.

Jim Powell, IT Manager
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I've worked with Russell for nearly three years and he has quickly become one of my most trusted business advisers. His process and systems thinking has really helped the way I think about and build processes within my business. His speed to design and build technology based solutions which has so impressed me that I readily promote his services to my customers and networks. To top it all off I have found him to be extremely generous in sharing his knowledge, highly ethical, honest and trustworthy and all with a great sense of humor.

Ian Bosler, Owner
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Russell designed and implemented a series of forms which had a number of twists. While the front end was rather simple, the functionality and the PDF output of the forms was rather tricky. Russell provided excellent table design, wrote very clean code, had a very fast turnaround time and helped me keeping a project with an overseas client on track.

Thanks for your advice and commitment getting the job done.

Matthias Raab (PhD)
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Australian Institute Of Self Development

After frustration with local and overseas web developers being unable to resolve my problems, Russell had everything resolved in less time and under budget. Including identifying and fixing some additional security issues that I was unaware of.

Russell Cunningham, Director