Our product range

VirtueMart online shop systemVirtueMart is the system we recommend when you need a full-featured online shop for product sales, and you also need full content management facilities to publish related business activities like a discussion forum, service tickets, job or project management, a membership, social media or library system and so on. VirtueMart slots right into Joomla! so that all the system components and your custom business systems can talk to each other, and your staff can run the whole shooting match in one place.

Virtuemart is a well-established, free open source product family, with solid technical and community support. VirtueMart helps you:

  • Build a polished, competitive online shop just the way you want it, without paying fees and following the rules of third party e-commerce middlemen like eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc.
  • Build multiple overlapping category and search structures for your products
  • Describe sophisticated pricing and discount levels
  • Add a great range of promotion features, bundle options, product configuration options, clever presentation and decoration etc.
  • Index your categories and products for SEO searches
  • Link your products to marketing campaigns
  • Provide a wide range of secure payment services and tax calculations for customers
  • Provide a wide range of shipping methods and fees
  • Personalisation for repeat customers
  • Offer cross-selling and up-selling options
  • Offer multi-currency and multi-lingual options
  • Transfer shop data between your online shop, your office systems and secure third party services

We profiled one of our best VirtueMart online shops in one of our workshops.