Online pharmacye-commerce systems are the familiar shopping cart systems, private sites offering instant purchase of a wide range of products to consumers or specific markets. Well-known examples include Amazon, Pizza Hut, ePharmacy, Coles online, dStore, the Wine Store, Appliances Online and a great many more. There are even directories of online shopping sites. Many shopping sites are as successful and profitable as their bricks-and-mortar counterparts, and they also have the advantage that they do not have to bear the same fixed overhead costs. The Internet has lowered the barriers to entry for retailers; for this reason, many bricks-and-mortar retailers have found it necessary to open their own online stores to supplement their physical shopfronts, or simply for self-defence.

e-commerce systems typically allow you to:

  • Build and publish a catalogue of products
  • Build category and search structures for your products
  • Define pricing and discount levels
  • Provide secure payment services to customers
  • Provide a variety of shipping options
  • Import and export products, stocks, customers, orders and shipments between the e-commerce system and your back-end business systems

Advanced e-commerce systems may also provide facilities for:

  • Direct automated interfaces between your corporate business systems and the products, stocks, customers, orders, invoices and shipments data in the e-commerce system
  • Automated assistance for product selection and configuration
  • Personalisation for repeat customers
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Trend analysis
  • Advanced reporting, visit analysis, demographics etc

We support two e-commerce systems; firstly VirtueMart, which is the most mature and popular e-commerce solution built for the Joomla! CMS which we also support, plus the OpenCart stand-alone system for businesses that do not require significant content management facilities. Matching e-commerce systems to CMSs allows you to build a rich community site that also provides easy access and support for your direct sales.

In addition, the OFBiz ERP solution provides a strong e-commerce application, which is fully integrated with all the other business applications in the ERP suite. For clients who do not already have established back-office business systems, OFBiz provides a complete extended business solution, including its online shopping system and content management solution, in one comprehensive package.


VirtueMart e-commerce extension for Joomla!
OpenCart e-commerce system



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