Swinburne UniversitySwinburne University is one of Australia's most respected and successful technical universities.

Over a period of four years, we:

  • Planned, managed, designed and implemented migration of student administration systems, to support a merger of Eastern TAFE with Swinburne University. Managed a widely dispersed project team of 20 people through a project web site. Built and operated an internal web site to publish project assignments, schedules, reports, news flashes, test plans and documentation, and to collect time sheets, status information and acceptance test results from the team. Project was completed on deadline and 40% under budget.
  • Developed interfaces between core student administration system and two outsourced student results and enrolment web applications.
  • Produced architecture and framework for an EAI hub to interface to any third-party system.
  • Developed interface between third-party financial system and student administration system, including implementation of GST support in student administration system.
  • Developed interfaces between core student administration system and student timetabling system, plus two smaller systems.
  • Assisted with development of features for students to pay fees by instalments.
  • Performed solution modelling and design, and development of Skills Victoria fees and loans feature for Swinburne TAFE.