Department of Human ServicesThe Department of Health and Human Services is the largest Victorian State Government department, and one of the largest and most diverse health agencies in Australia.

Over a period of four years, we:

  • Developed high-availability, high-performance e-business server installations based on Java EE technologies, IBMWebSphere, Tivoli, DB2 and Lotus products, Microsoft.Net, Sun Solaris and CA Unicenter platforms
  • Designed, built and implemented infrastructure inventory and configuration management database, including fault diagnosis and recovery procedures, automated fail-over testing and issue management
  • Designed, built and implemented e-business environment monitoring solution
  • Developed and supported advanced SSL certificate and security facilities
  • Managed Citrix feasibility and implementation projects
  • Managed e-business infrastructure build-out project
  • Assisted with disaster recovery facility development, testing and assurance
  • Produced mobile computing infrastructure strategy and policy recommendations