Russell was recommended to me years ago by another web business who was helping us with some minor content management issues we were having; let me just say, he’s been the best investment our company has ever made.

Our goal was simple, to have the most comprehensive online store in our industry; now thanks to Russell’s knowledge of all things web related, we are number one by a long shot. Our online store is now more user friendly, has an improved professional layout, has fully functional custom forms, has more features than our old site ever had, has drastically improved SEO and backend/frontend security, and most importantly, has Russell’s friendly and in-depth support at times where we need assistance.

What can I say? I can’t imagine being where we are now without Russell’s help, support, and dedication to the project at hand. It has been a pleasure working with Russell over the last few years, and I hope to continue to do so when other projects arise.

Thanks again for the excellent job you do (and continue doing)!

Michael Ramsay: GCG Turbochargers

Russell Searle came very highly recommended to us as the Joomla and Virtuemart 'Guru'. He has definitely proven to be this and more.

Our old site worked, but was a bit average and very outdated. Russell has built us a vibrant, easy to use and up-to-date website, with everything we could want and more. His help and guidance in the development of our site has been invaluable.

It is with distinct pleasure and confidence, that we recommend Russell Searle and Psicom to anyone wishing to build and maintain a new website, or 'spruce up' an old one. Thanks for all your good advice and hard work Russell!!

Tim Love: The Stencil Place

After frustration with local and overseas web developers being unable to resolve my problems, Russell had everything resolved in less time and under budget. Including identifying and fixing some additional security issues that I was unaware of.

Russell Cunningham: Director; Australian Institute Of Self Development

I've worked with Russell for nearly three years and he has quickly become one of my most trusted business advisers. His process and systems thinking has really helped the way I think about and build processes within my business. His speed to design and build technology based solutions which has so impressed me that I readily promote his services to my customers and networks. To top it all off I have found him to be extremely generous in sharing his knowledge, highly ethical, honest and trustworthy and all with a great sense of humor.

Ian Bosler: Owner, Intertype

Russell designed and implemented a series of forms which had a number of twists. While the front end was rather simple, the functionality and the PDF output of the forms was rather tricky. Russell provided excellent table design, wrote very clean code, had a very fast turnaround time and helped me keeping a project with an overseas client on track.

Thanks for your advice and commitment getting the job done.

Matthias Raab (PhD): MC4-IT

It is unfortunate that I could only choose three attributes to best describe Russell and the way he does business, we would be checking all 7 boxes and adding some if we could.

Both Pepita and I have never met such a professional person to deal with in all our time being self employed.

Here is a little about what Russell has achieved for us in the past 18 months or so.

We came to Russell wanting a simple redesign and smoother functioning website with a fresh look. It was quite old and many of the components were obsolete. It wasn’t an easy brief to fulfil.

Immediately Russell spent many hours researching various options for us and informing us of the pros and cons of each step.

If ever we needed something not ‘out of the box’, Russell used his coding expertise to adapt and conform to our requirements. To us this was not easy, however he didn’t complain, didn’t say it was too hard, he just made things work.

At times we would change our minds on certain things, Russell would once again point us in the right direction and make it happen.

His attention to detail and documentation of all work was meticulous and we knew what had been accomplished on that day and the time frame it had taken.

To be honest, I could go all day describing how impressed we have been dealing with Russell. He continues to helps us with any issues that have arisen (not to do with his work) and is more than happy to assist where he can.

Russell, you are a credit to your profession. Yes, you are to be truly applauded as a great business person, an outstanding web developer and most important a great person.

David and Pepita Bowgen:

Russell was instrumental in taking our dream and making it a reality, his knowledge and insistence on detail enabled us to develop and implement our Intranet site to a level of functionally that now exceeds our expectation. His creative skills and professional understanding made this project a very enjoyable and professional delivery.

Jim Powell: IT Manager, Abey Australia

Russell has been a tremendous asset to my practice as a psychologist by building and maintaining my website. Russell’s dedication and expert knowledge of web processes has helped to raise my profile on the net and significantly improve my business. He has also helped me with associated branding such as the design of my business cards. I would not hesitate to recommend Russell for web development and solutions.

Muriel Cooper: Owner, The Talking Room

I had difficulty choosing only 3 top attributes from the list to describe Russell. I always found him to be a pleasure to work with, a true professional and a person I could always rely on. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

David Brimacombe: IT Manager, SICPA Australia

I worked with Russell in the mid 90’s. During that time he showed extensive knowledge of the products and tools he was engaged in. He took on additional tasks and became expert in unfamiliar technologies. A very experienced, trustworthy and intelligent IT Professional, he mentored me and others, and I have no doubt my successes have been due, in part, to his shared expertise.

Lew Satur: Systems Engineer, SICPA Australia

Russell worked on various information systems projects within Swinburne, utilizing his skills around the Lotus and DB2 platforms. I found Russell to be a pleasure to work with, as he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience, while simply getting the job done!

Robin Schmitt: Project Manager, Swinburne University of Technology

I worked with Russell on a complex, high profile SOA project under demanding timescales. He is a very experienced and adaptable Project Manager with a solid, diverse technical background, and most importantly he is very good at dealing with the relationship aspects of being a PM, both with his own team and with the customers - mainly because at the heart of it he’s a very decent chap! I would look forward to working with Russell in the future.

Alan Leslie: Architect/Senior Consultant, Renewtek

I worked with Russell at Transurban while he was project manager on two projects simultaneously, redevelopment and remediation of found Russell to be a great boss. His extensive technical background meant that the project was in the right hands and always on track. On a personal note Russell was also a pleasure to work with on a day to day basis.

Fergal Hanley: Consultant, Renewtek

I worked with Russell on a project that was extremely demanding and he managed it with consummate professionalism. Russell is a great team player and it was a pleasure to work with him, he is multi faceted and would be an asset on any project.

David Stewart: Senior Architect, Renewtek

Russell worked as a project manager at Renewtek on a Retail web development project. During this time Russell showed great leadership skills. He managed to address and resolved the issues that helped project team achieve it delivery targets.

Asad Rehman: Business Analyst, Renewtek

Russell embraced the principles of agile during his time in Renewtek and started using his learning immediately. He assisted in the running of Client site engagements and in maturing a Prince2 / Scrum model, with a vision to create a strong governance model that supported agile.

Martin Kearns: Team Lead / Software Consultant, Renewtek

Russell is a good team player and was a joy to work and interact with. I was also impressed with his up to date technical skills and picking up quickly new technologies. That is remarkable for a Project Manager.

Florin Dragu: Quantum Accelerator Technical Lead/Senior Consultant, Object Consulting

Russell is the sort of Consultant that you always wish to work with. Will listen to discussion and clearly state what he recommends. His recommendations will give you the advice that you need to hear and not only what you might like to hear.

David Siviour: e-Business Infrastructure Architect, Department of Human Services

Russell always assisted our team with a quick response and courtesy. Even in the rush of deployment schedules Russell always remained calm under pressure and gave solid technical advice. He was always on hand to provide consultative advice and I would work with Russell anytime.

Mark Stanarevic: EAI Architect, Department of Human Services

I was hired by DHS in 2005 to work on a two-week proof of concept project for getting Citrix to integrate with the IBM WebSphere Portal. Russell was then the project manager cum software architect assigned to the project. He left me with deep impression as being someone who is highly professional and always willing to contribute his considerable expertise and sharp understanding in making the end result a win-win. Russell is a great customer to serve as he is always dependable, approachable and a pleasure to work with. Am definitely looking forward to work with him again.

Elton Chew: Senior Architect, Asia Pacific Consulting, Citrix Systems

I had worked with Russell in the security domain. He exposed a vast knowledge of SSL, certificates and tools to generate the certificates. He is a great asset to have for corporate security.

Khue Pham: Integration Competency Centre Principal Developer, Department of Human Services

It has been a pleasure to work with Russell at DHS. He has an “approachable” personality, and he takes a cooperative approach to dealing with issues and challenges. Russell has always been timely with the provision of services to my team, and he has always provided professional advice, which has been consistent and of the highest quality. I have no reservations in recommending Russell to any future employer.

Tony Bombardiere: Manager, Integration Competency Centre, Department of Human Services

Russell, during my time at DHS was officially the contact point for all things server related to my IBM WebSphere Collaborative Learning Learning Management System project. Unofficially Russell was a guide and sounding board to all things DHS, it is also not a secret that this was the case for many of his peers too. Russell was methodical, organised and clearly managed both his team, the technical environment and provided clear and unambiguous direction, at a time when significant change was coming from sources both within the Department and across Victorian Government. I greatly enjoyed working with Russell.

Paul Arrighi: Project Manager, Department of Human Services

I reported to Russell during a period of time at Geac as part of the e-Business team. The knowledge I learnt in terms of the SDLC and other technical areas of expertise including XML, VB, ASP, MQseries and many more were attributed to Russell’s teachings and desire to learn and use the best available technology. To this day I can say that Russell is the manager I have learnt the most from and would recommend him for any challenge.

Steve Ellis: Senior Consultant, Geac

Russell was a regular member of the Melbourne Websphere User Group, for as long as it was running, and demonstrated a strong working history and knowledge in particular of CRM system sales, implementation and Australian marketplace dynamics. Russell contributed many humorous anecdotes and insights to the group, and consistently gave a strong level of support to the group’s organisers.

Evan Linwood: Consultant, Eastek

Thorough and well organised. Communicates requirements and ideas well. Pleasure to work with and highly recommended.

Gino D’Ambrosio: Senior Enterprise Management Specialist, Senetas

I found Russell very knowledgeable in field of IT. He has a wide experience in IT and a mature approach to his work. In the project that he worked for me at the Dept. of Human Services, Victoria, he completed his task in an exemplary manner. I have no hesitation is recommending Russell and would gladly have him on my team should that opportunity arises.

Simon David: Manager Messaging & Directory Services, Department of Human Services

Russell was a pleasure to work with. He has excellent leadership, project management and communication qualities. He has excellent listening skills and shows all the right characteristics in terms of developing people around him. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with, I found him honest, reliable and very intelligent. When required, Russell has those rare interpersonal skills that can brighten any meeting room and ease any tension within it. IMHO Russell is the consummate professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking his expertise.

Kevin Tobin: Senior IT Specialist, IBM Australia

Russell has always displayed technical tenacity and Project Management sense, always leading resources from the front of the pack. A very competent presenter in front of prospects and viewed as a leader in the field of software development and delivery.

Jim Hatzis: Account Manager, Infor Global Solutions

I worked in the e-Business team reporting directly to Russell in Geac Computers. During that time he made a positive impact on the team, including introducing a SDLC process as an application in Lotus Notes to keep track of our projects and times. He was instrumental in bringing in new business with his knowledge on the product as well as the technology behind it and that was seen in the successful sales demonstrations that he presented to our customers. He was very approachable and was happy to sit down and assist or teach us when we had difficulties.

Johnson Oen: Senior Technical Consultant, Infor Global Solutions

I had the pleasure to work with Russell at HB&A Systems during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s During this time both Russell and I had a variety of roles in a developing software development and business consultancy practice. Russell was one of the leaders on our close knit team, and exhibited a fine attention to detail while consistently delivering excellent results for internal development group and our customers alike.

Steve Shorten: Director, HB&A Systems

Russell was a delight to work with. He has a deep technical knowledge across a number of platforms which he was easily able to communicate and effectively utilise.

Wens Brinkman: Director, HB&A Systems