Frogmore Gardens

Frogmore Gardens is a boutique mail-order and retail nursery specialising in flowering perennials for the herbaceous border, drought tolerant and prairie gardening styles, including bulbs, shrubs and a wide variety of grasses. The Frogmore Gardens web system is a Joomla! site, Virtuemart online shop and FrontAccounting sales, POS, manufacturing and accounting system.

Starting in 2013, we built a sophisticated, integrated set of business systems around Frogmore Garden's online shop:

  • An eBay-style product finder to search for plant varieties and characteristics
  • Combined product pack and promotion services
  • eWay and PayPal payment gateways, and complex shipment and packaging rules
  • A manufacturing and sales system built on the FrontAccounting ERP, which synchronised online sales with POS sales, stock movements and plant production at the nursery
  • We also published Frogmore Garden's regular catalogues as email newsletters, as well as frequent blog distributions and promotional email campaigns

GCG Turbochargers

GCG Turbochargers is a major online supplier of high performance automotive equipment. The GCG Turbos site is a Joomla! site and VirtueMart on-line shop, with sidelines of blogging, support tickets, a Q&A knowledgebase and custom form applications for warranty claims, and much more.

Starting in 2014, we rebuilt the online shop, and then went on to build many enhancements and new features. We added many new sales and promotion capabilities, significant extensions to product catalogue structures, and we built several custom apps for the shop.

The GCG online shop became one of the leading suppliers in its market.

MortgageBroker is a national directory and advertising resource for over 500 home loan finance brokers and advisors, and a rich information service for home owners and buyers, built on Joomla!

Starting in 2011, we embarked on an substantial development program. We rebuilt the original version of site on a new ad directory product. We customised listing subscription services and advertising feature options, and built a custom contact tracking and listing visits reporting facility. Brokers can add photo and video galleries, documents and scheduled events to their listings, and the listings offer integrated social sharing, review and rating features for the site and listed brokers.

The site also provided a comprehensive library of articles on home buying, sales and financing, a set of mortgage finance calculators, a community forum and an online chat feature for live assistance from the site owners.

RGV Spares

RGV Spares is a restorer and supplier of high quality parts for a range of classic motorbikes. The RGV Spares site is a Joomla! / VirtueMart on-line shop.

Starting in 2016 we rebuilt this site with new design, layout and styling. We refined the product catalogue structures, extended and modified the online shopping system, and added many new features. Since then we've provided security, SEO and tech support for the site.

The Talking Room

The Talking Room is a private psychological practice, and this site is a well-established, successful blog built on Joomla!

We built the first version of this site in 2007, and we've upgraded and rebuilt it four times over the years. We provide design and editorial assistance to make sure the content stays fresh and relevant. We also edit and distribute regular email newsletters to a loyal crowd of subscribers.

We continue to provide security, SEO and tech support for the Talking Room . The site receives first page ranking on Google for its targeted key words.

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