A healthy plant growing in the desertWe focus on your profitability

We maximise the ROI on your project by minimising your costs and maximising your control of the project and the quality and reliability of the product.

We minimise your costs by supporting and integrating free open source products as the basis for your solutions. The products we support are all very well-established, reliable and powerful solutions, well-supported by very large, global developer and user communities.

We maximise quality, reliability and control by using our lightweight production management system (PPS) to control all aspects of the work and make all work visible from all angles, without getting in the way.


  • Controls budget, schedule, actual effort, requirements, solution designs, proposals, development, quality, risks, delivery, review and management
  • Handles many interlocking streams of production concurrently, not limited to just one project or program at a time
  • Provides very early warnings of schedule or effort overruns
  • Balances resources and skills against demand and your priorities
  • Knows about mixed teams: our people, your people and third parties
  • Reports status and progress at any time
  • Handles full PRINCE2, agile or informal project management methods
  • Can be easily configured to implement the optimal production process for your business needs and environment
  • Has been successfully used across a wide range of businesses and industries, from small web sites all the way to large departments and major enterprises

We paint on the whole canvas

We work with a view to extend and prolong the value of our solutions for your whole business, not just the tip of the iceberg that your web site exposes to the public.

Web sites are often viewed as primarily sales and marketing vehicles. While that is an area of strength, web applications can connect everyone in your business with everyone they deal with, inside or outside your company. We work towards the vision that each transaction, achievement, project, idea or discussion should flow transparently and immediately through your organisation, so that all your people can see their effects in whatever aspect and whatever level of detail makes sense for them.

We have deep experience in enterprise class business systems in many industries. We understand nuts and bolts, kits and batches, swatches and samples, sales reps and storemen. We’ve built solutions for engineers, factories, warehouses, car companies, transport firms, mining, printing, fashion, plastics, universities, health sector, service businesses and more. We focus on business process and data integration, and we have the skills and technology to get it right. We build web applications in the context of your whole business, and we work to make them connect seamlessly with all your existing business systems.

Maybe you don’t need this level of integration between your public web sites and your core business systems yet, but if and when you do, we have the skills and experience to help you.

We give you room to grow

We offer a coordinated, progressive, comprehensive range of quality open source solutions, chosen for optimal:

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Power
  • Ease of use
  • Sustainability
  • Flexibility
  • Maturity
  • Total cost of ownership

Start small and grow with your customer base, at your own pace. The solutions we provide will grow with you, in function, power, scale, effectiveness and value; from a single shared server all the way to highly available enterprise infrastructure in a cloud.

Here is a thumbnail of our portfolio of solutions, their connections, and the growth path and scalability we offer for your business.


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