Psicom was established in 1994 as the independent IT consulting practice of Russell Searle.

The name Psicom is intended to suggest the idea that information technology facilitates communication between human minds: psi = mind + com = communication.

In 1994 this seemed a straightforward, almost obvious concept. Now it seems debatable. Now it may even seem that the IT industry has built a modern Tower of Babel: everybody speaks a different language, clarity and consensus have become elusive, and there is a constant din that drives people apart instead of uniting them.

But our view is that no matter how powerful or ingenious an IT solution may be, if it doesn't assist human communication and understanding then it will fail to provide the only benefit that actually counts. It will not be possible to build a sustainable business case for it, because ultimately it doesn't profit its users. Sooner or later it will be revealed as part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

So after decades in the trenches, we still focus on making our solutions serve the essential purpose of facilitating, clarifying and simplifying human communication processes.


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