Our product range

WordPress CMS product siteThe WordPress CMS is far and away the world's dominant web platform. It powers about a third of all web sites.  If you need a blog or brochure site and you don't anticipate a need for more complex business applications, you can't go past WordPress.

WordPress is famed for its ease of use. You have a working blog site the second you've installed it. It's a piece of cake to write and update your own posts and pages (although making them look shiny may take a little know-how).

The included JetPack package provides a wealth of plugins for all the critical services your site needs: contact forms, galleries, blogging features like commenting, mail subscriptions and media insertion, plus basic SEO, spam protection, security scanning, stats, backups and more. And of course you'll want to bulk up your site with some of the thousands of themes and specialised plugins in the WP library (although it is also important to choose your plugins with care, to avoid risk, clutter and unneccesary problems or costs in your site).

With its WooCommerce plugin, WordPress also lays claim to a large slice of the e-commerce pie. WooCommerce has its own extensive library of features and commercial plugins to help you turn out a powerful, stylish online shop.

For a complete blog, brochure or simple online shop out of the box, WordPress is your BFF.