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A customer relationship management system (CRM) provides a range of services to manage and develop your organisation's connections and interactions with your customers, and ultimately your sales to them. A CRM typically supports marketing campaigns and operations, sales force activity, customer service and support, collaboration between your sales and marketing teams and your customers. and sales management and reporting.

It is not easy to successfully implement a CRM. It requires commitment and clear leadership from senior management. But it's worth it. Achievable benefits include improvements in:

  • Cross-selling and up-selling business
  • Customer base and revenue per customer
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Sales force loyalty and retention
  • Gross sales
  • Average margin
  • Overall profitability
  • Market share

Open source CRMs foster large, enthusiastic developer communities which contribute to development, extension and user support of the CRM. We support the market leading X2 CRM open source product. X2 CRM is a powerful, reliable, customisable, extensible system. It allows you to work with your sales team's customer accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, campaigns, activities, activities, social media, quotes, invoices, products, service calls and lots more.

Here's a blog post we wrote about how X2 CRM can improve your business.

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