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We offer a range of the best free open source web platforms to provide end-to-end support for your business

Business web sites

We use free open source content management systems (CMS) to build business web sites, because a CMS delivers the best all-round value for money results for small and medium businesses. Once we know your requirements, we'll recommend a CMS that will best meet your needs.

The CMS's we use make sense, they are smooth, consistent, high quality and easy to use. You get more than enough tools to edit your own pages. We can help you author as much or as little of the site's content, services and design as you want. And of course, all sites we build are fully responsive on all mobile devices.

CMS's sport massive libraries of high quality, powerful extensions. Full business systems off the shelf at very modest prices. We can squeeze a whole lot of horsepower into a compact, economical package for you. And the CMS will also take care of all the unsung but critical things like SEO, security, performance, updates, developer support and much more.

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e-commerce is in our blood. We've been building online trading systems since 2000. All types: B2B and B2C, regional and international, industrial and consumer, physical or digital products, all kinds of payment and shipping options. We've built trading systems for automotive, engineering and building products, music and media libraries, gardening, consumer goods, events, courseware and more.

If you need to trade online, we can help you connect with your customers, market to them and deliver to them. You don't have to go through middlemen like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and others, and you don't have to pay their fees. You can control and develop your own shop just the way you want. You can specify your own categories, segments, pricing and promotions. You can run your own campaigns and track your results in real time.

We can build a sleek, powerful sales vehicle for you, and put you behind the wheel. Want to get started?

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Accounting and production

Are you still running your accounting and business systems on a laptop, or an on-premises network, so you have to be in the office to use them? Have you considered how you would recover if your office machines were destroyed or stolen? Or maybe you've subscribed to a commercial online accounting system like Xero or MYOB, but you're finding the ongoing fees a bit steep. We can help you put such problems in the rear view mirror.

You can have your own free open source accounting system running on the same web account as your main site, so your authorised staff can securely access it from anywhere, on their laptops, tablets or even their phones. We offer a comprehensive, integrated business and accounting system that is simple, secure, flexible and powerful for small and medium businesses. You can free yourself and your staff from third party costs and controls, and run your business the way you need to. Want to know how?

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It costs five times as much to make a sale to a new customer, versus winning repeat business from an existing one. Satisfied regular customers are gold, and they're also more fun to be around. So how do you win and keep them? By learning about who they are and what they need from you, and putting that knowledge to use to give them great customer experiences. Pretty much just care about them as people you may be able to help.

As an SMB, you have the advantage of eye-to-eye contact with your customers. There's a lot to know and record about them, and your marketing people need to have this knowledge at their fingertips, and keep it up to date quickly and easily. That's where a CRM comes in. We offer you a free open source end-to-end marketing system that can capture all of your customers' experiences with your business, and can give you marketing and promotion capabilities that will just knock your socks off. Sounds good?

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Product quality principles

We select only the best free open source platforms as the foundation for all sites we build. Each platform must comprehensively deliver its business functions, it must be amongst the best of its kind for the SMB market, and a free version of each platform must always be available.

We also use high-quality third party add-ons or plugins from each platform’s extension libraries (subject to our quality criteria). On average, these add-ons cost much less than $100 each, so our choice of strategic platforms allows us to offer outstanding value at very competitive prices.

The platforms and add-ons we use are provided by established, reputable suppliers, who back up their products with excellent support and documentation. We stick to products from the best vendor product families, because they are designed to work together seamlessly.

We maintain our own extension library, to provide quick installation and licencing for our customers. This allows us to achieve outstanding ease of use, consistency and reliability in our clients’ web sites.

Each of the web platforms we’ve assembled makes sense and stands on its own, and they also combine well with each other to meet the full spread of operations for most SMB's. Everything you need is here in our toolbox: web presence, online sales, marketing, all sorts of income generating operations, order fulfilment, production, accounting and finance.

This allows us to achieve highly efficient, flexible and cost-effective solutions for our client’s business operations.

None of the above?

Maybe you just have an idea for something new that you want to back. Yes, we do 100% custom projects too, from the ground up if that's what it takes.

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