finance broker directory site is a national directory and advertising resource for over 500 home loan finance brokers and advisors, and a rich information service for home owners and buyers, built on Joomla!

We picked the site up in 2011, and after upgrading it and straightening it out, we embarked on an substantial development program running through to 2014. After evaluating leading directory products against the business's specific requirements, we selected ComDev JomDirectory as the best candidate for MortgageBroker's site. We customised listing subscription services and advertising feature options, and built a bespoke contact tracking and listing visits reporting facility. Brokers can add photo and video galleries, documents and scheduled events to their listings, and the listings offer integrated social sharing, review and rating features for the site and listed brokers.

The site also provides a comprehensive library of articles on home buying, sales and financing, a set of mortgage finance calculators, a community forum and an online chat feature for live assistance from the site owners.