GCG Turbochargers online automotive performance equipment shop

GCG Turbochargers is a major online supplier of high performance automotive equipment. The GCG Turbos site is a Joomla! / VirtueMart on-line shop, with sidelines of blogging, support tickets and Q&A knowledgebase.

We picked the site up and recovered it in 2014-2015. We cleaned out hacks to the system and upgraded it, cleaned up content, installed RSFirewall! and secured the site. We migrated the VirtueMart version to get it up to date and we added eWay payments to it. We installed RSSEO! and gave the whole shop an SEO kickstart.

Development continued from 2015 to date. We migrated Joomla! and VirtueMart a few times to keep them current, but we did a complete rebuild of the site for the Joomla! 3. / VirtueMart 3.x version releases, together with VirtuePlanet design components. We also extended and modified the shopping site over the years, adding many new sales and promotion capabilities and extending the product catalogue structures. Throughout, we kept SEO service up to date and added to it.